M (snowym) wrote,

Brrr ^o^!

Due to the ice storm which is expected to continue Sunday afternoon and evening, classes will be canceled Monday, Jan. 15.

Yes, yes, yaaay ^_^. *dances around*

I never thought I was going to wake up today o.O;. I finally did around 3:30pm, though... there's something terribly wrong with that XD;.

The official form of entertainment today is watching people trying to get their cars out of the parking lot XD;. The entire campus is completely covered in ice, which is covered in sleet, which is frozen and then covered with ice pellets. It's quite perilous outside (me and Noa basically slid all the way across the ice to the cafeteria XD; ), which is my excuse for my inadvertent hibernation ^^;.

We went adventuring yesterday, though ^^. Noa, Rebecca, and I decided to go to the biology pond, which is on the opposite side of campus... but when we were almost there, we'd forgotten about the huge hill that drops about 75 feet XD;. It was like sledding without sleds... Noa and I were safe, but Rebecca ran into a sapling tree thing >.>;. Yay for adventuring!

While we were out, we ran into a...

Don't worry, though. I defeated it. Actually, I ran away from it, but I didn't die. So there, haha.

Now I must drink some hot tea. Just looking out the window makes me cold ^^;. The power could go out at anytime from all the ice, so I shall dig out flashlights and charge my cellphone in case of emergency. *waves, and goes to bury under some blankets*

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