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[ART - POT] Shabadaba [Dabide - PG13]

Another Christmas fanart spam! I better finish drawing everyone's before I run out of them to post ^^;.

This one's for chibimono, otherwise known as Chibi-senpai, or more disturbingly known as Hot Tea (she has her reasons).

Chibi! I promised you Dabide in lolita'ness, so here it is. You always say I'm improving on mah drawings, so you can judge whether I am meeting your expectations or not with this one I dedicate to you XD.

Title: Shabadaba-Lolita
Author: M snowym
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Character: Dabide
Rating: R
Warnings: loliiii~itaa get-up <3

Agh, the photo editing for much too long on this computer has officially made my eyes bleary. *goes somewhere where the screens can't blind her for a little while XD;* Was it worth it? I can't tell if the picture looks good anymore-- I've been staring at it for too long ^^;;;.
Tags: dabide, fanart, prince of tennis, rated r

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