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ice, ice, go away

College was cancelled today, and it's cancelled for tomorrow too.

Agh, I can't believe all this ice. It's still sticking to everything ferociously in large quantities. I'm glad I'm here at the college dorm, though-- at least we have electricity, heat, water, and internet (the 4 basic needs?). I feel sorry for my parents in Mount Vernon. They won't have any electricity for at least a week, if not two weeks, or so the city says >.>;. I hope the ice starts melting soon. I like wintery weather, but it's really dangerous out, and is just wreaking general havoc upon all us Southern Missourians.

On a happier note: Rebecca had dug her car out for work yesterday, so us roomies were able to go to the mall and such (I saw Stranger Than Fiction at the cheap theater, which was really good ^^). I've been stuck on campus, mainly in my dorm room since Friday evening, so it was nice to get out ^^;. The only reason Rebecca had been able to get her car out yesterday was because some guys with a very big truck and a piece of chain had offered to hook her car up to their truck and pull it out. Go awaaay ice! So tired of it XD;.

I know it's only 10pm, but I've got a major headache and am ready to call it quits for the day ^^;. For the first time in days I've actually been able to go out and do something, so now I feel all sleepy XD;. Oyasuuuu~mi <3!

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