M (snowym) wrote,

Rebecca = resilient

Umm... interesting evening I just had ^^;. Sorry Helen! I told you I'd be online tonight, but I've got an excuse >.>;.

Rebecca came into my room, asking to be taken to the hospital whilst bleeding from her hand. Of course, Rebecca's car is the only one that is drivable (mine and Noa's cars are still submerged beneath the ice), but of course, it's a stickshift, which neither me nor Noa can drive. So we go down and get our RA, Alex, and ask him to drive Rebecca to the hospital. So we all pile into Alex's car (we being: Alex, Rebecca, Noa, me, and Alex's girlfriend) and go to St. John's hospital. While we're all in the waiting room, and Rebecca is showing Alex her "cool" wound (ick >.>; ), Rebecca relays her tale of what happened. Simply, she was cutting a wrap sandwich at her work, and got distracted when the phone rang, and about cut the end of her thumb off (the blade went right through her thumbnail @_@; ). After about 2 hours, Rebecca had got a shot and a bandage, and we came back to the dorms.

I'm so glad when exciting evenings like these have nothing to do with me. I'll keep my thumb intact, thank you. It came close to me having to be put right back in that hospital, though, because when we were all leaving, Alex starting driving off when I was only halfway in the car, with the car door wide open ^^;. And then the headlights stopped working as we were speeding down the icy road (which was brought to my attention by Alex's declaration of "Oh shit!").

Everyone's safe and alive, which I'm glad of, even though I had hoped Rebecca was the only one I would have to be worried about tonight ^^;;;. I'm going to sleep now, because apparently hospital waiting rooms are awesome for making you want to sleep.

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