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Rebecca's boyfriend just killed me, Noa, and Rebecca at Risk. I've never even heard of a game of Risk that lasted less than a week, but he managed to beat us all in about an hour. I'm humbled (not really XD; ).

My Operation: Madagascar almost worked, though. It usually almost works XD. Picture 20 troops, all in the single troop units (for that formidable look), spilling out into the ocean because Madagascar isn't big enough for all them. Shh, it's okay to cry from such imagery. *hands out tissues* It never works, though XD;.

When the most exciting thing you've done all day is play Risk... YOU KNOW IT WAS AN AWESOME DAY ^_____^V!

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    I'm on a bus heading to Narita airport at the moment. Ugh, international airplane travel... Let's just hope I can get through the whole process…

  • tensai

    Hells yeah, I'm like the coloring master. No key or king is safe from my mad skillz during children's lessons. \

  • oh my heart

    Lol, I just wrote 2 emo-hate poems, and then immediately wrote 2 love poems. If that isn't ADD'tastic, I don't know what is XD;. /cell post

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