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random stoof

Muuuuuuur. Meeeeeerh. Bluurk. Beep.

I'm such a wuss ^^;. The first day back in classes after the snow-ice week, and I fall to my bed feeling ill afterward. After napping for about two hours, I feel better, though XD;. I have yet to actually wake up, since I feel all foggy-like, whee ^o^!

The rest of my time off from school was spent valiantly trying to have fun ^^. In addition to Risk, Monopoly was played (although this time Rebecca's boyfriend (henceforth known as John! mainly because that's his name) was tromped, which helped me, Rebecca, and Noa regain our womanlihood). I was a combination of the hat and the dog, which made for trauma when the dog randomly decided to bail out of the hat several times. We also rented the movies The Lady in the Water (my 2nd time watching it) and Little Miss Sunshine (my 5th time watching it o.O; ). Then John found out he got into grad school, so he took us all out to hibachi as Tokyo Steak House. Other than fearing for my hair being set on fire, it was pretty fun ^^. I'd never gone to one of those things, so I was quite shocked at the cooking trickery XD;. Cutcutcut! Shoom! Vroooom! BIG EXPLOSION!!! Shocking indeed XD;.

Now I need to go read The Great Gatsby for my Critical Theory and Literature class, but it's more fun reading it for the second time, mainly because omg how in the world did I miss that the narrator is hot for Gatsby XD;? I draw little hearts in the book everytime they say or think something leery to one another, which is quite a few so far XD;, since I think I might have to give a presentation on it.

Okay, well, I slowly feel my brain coming around to being less lethargic'y, so I'll go read... eventually? It may be more fun to read the second time, but reading The Great Gatsby the first time was like pulling teeth, so at times it has me almost screaming XD;. The book is right... over... there... C'MON M, YOU CAN DO IT! *crawls over*


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Jan. 23rd, 2007 07:52 am (UTC)
Reading your entries always makes me smile, M-sama. They're so fun and entertaining and everything! Though I apologize that I am amused because you seem like you're suffering? XD;; I uh... hope you make it through the book? *pokes it lots* I don't exactly remember reading it anymore. I just remember the movie I watched on it. XD;;
Jan. 23rd, 2007 02:26 pm (UTC)
I usually aim to retell stuff entertainingly, so I can look back on events and not be as mortified or unamused as I was at the time ^^;. So smile, smile, because life is fun! Just wait for it, waaaa~it for it... Here's the funny part! *points* Yes, I am obnoxious in the mornings ^^;;.

I'm almost through the book... I have 40 pages left? I'll get that read tonight ^^. I remember watching the movies too! I saw 2 of them, and older one and a new'ish one. The older one was way better though, because when the lady got ran over, they used a manican, and the legs popped off and stuff XD;. It the was most brutal manican murder I'd ever seen though O.O.

Okaaaa~y, off to class! *hops away, strangely awake for this time of day*
Jan. 24th, 2007 04:55 am (UTC)
XD Well M-sama turns it into an art I think. Because I don't think I can retell things that entertainingly. I need some entertainment in my life right now. x_x


And... hm I don't remember which I saw now. I don't think it was that one because I would remember that scene. XD

*was falling asleep all day*
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