M (snowym) wrote,


My math class is going to give me headaches this semester, I'm pretty sure >.>;.

There've been 8 online quizzes due already (although I made sure I missed no points, since it was out of class), and this Friday there's already a test. We've been in session for two weeks (three counting our snow week, I suppose), so I think my teacher needs to calm down or something ^^;.

I will not be subdued! Stay tuned for my victory and/or mental breakdown.

Note: graphing calculators are really confusing. My math teacher aggravates me so much, because he's a calculator SNOB. I didn't know you could be a snob about such a thing, but he is. I asked him a question about how to punch something in on my borrowed TI-86 calculator (thanks for the lend, Stallion ^o^), and he was all "well, you do this, but it won't look right, since it'll only look right on the TI-89 silver edition." WHAT? SHUT UP, I'M SORRY I DON'T HAVE YOUR SPARKLY SILVER CALCULTOR, BUT WE ALL UNDERSTAND YOU HAVE ONE. He always says snooty stuff like that, and gets all huffy if you ask him questions about a lesser model of calculator. Wtf ^^;?

Okay, now to finally finish The Great Gatsby! I think this is the fastest I've ever read a novel for class... 3 days is pretty good, especially for such a novel as this ^^;. *punches all the haughty socialites that reign supreme in this book* At least they aren't dissing Stallion's calcultor. I might have to challenge my math teacher to a duel, for the honor of it. I won't stand for it! Or maybe I will, as I would prefer to get an okay grade to finish off my math credits ^^;;;. Sorry Stallion!

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