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IHOP stands for MAGIC!

Well... I was going to go to bed at about 11:30pm tonight, since I have a math test tomorrow at 9am... but I accepted Rebecca's invitation to go to IHOP with her instead XD. I probably wouldn't have slept anyway ^^;. But something strange happened at IHOP... *MYSTICALNESS!!!*

While we were waiting for our food, the waiter, Jeremy, came up to our table at put a glass, spoon, fork, and toothpick on our table. We both made very convincing wtf faces, and I think he may have been speaking in tongues, because he said "Balance both the fork and spoon on this toothpick, but only the toothpick can touch the cup." Then he walked away XDD;. Rebecca and I both firmly had our wtf faces firmly in place, but started messing around with the fork, spoon, and toothpick. Finally I put all three items into the cup and said hooray! but he said that was incorrect. Damn. So he takes the spoon and fork and weaves them or something, and TA-DA!

I didn't get a picture of it before HE BURNED THE TOOTHPICK HALFWAY. And it still didn't fall off? We both were all saucer-eyed XD.

But oh no, he's not done yet. After we were done eating, he brought over a plate with water on it, a lemon wedge, a cup, and a toothpick. This time he's speaks in Chinese proverbs or something, because he said "You have to get the water into the cup without tilting or picking up the plate. You can't use your mouth, a spoon, fork, napkin, or straw, or use the lemon as a squeegee (M: omg, lemon squeegee O.O???). You are missing one object, though." I just kinda sat there at giggled at the cup, since it was getting pretty late by then, but when the waiter came back, Rebecca asked him for his lighter XD. After much deliberation and witty banter from the waiter, she stuck the toothpick in the lemon, put the lemon in the middle of the water on the plate, set the toothpick completely on fire, and then put the cup over it.

OMG, MAGIC! They said something about sciencesomethingsomething, but I feel like I witnessed something vaguely Harry Potter'esque at IHOP tonight. Yay for magic ^__^. *applauds Rebecca for figuring it out* The waiter said Rebecca was the first out of about 50 people to solve that trick XD.

Of course, I wonder if he ever gets in trouble for bending the forks and setting things on fire there XD;. The manager came by once, and was all "You guys have Jeremy, don't you? How would I EVER know that?" XDD. I don't think I've ever been so entertained at IHOP before XD;.

But like I said, I have a math test tomorrow, so I'd probably actually get to sleep sometime tonight/this morning ^^;. Not that being awake has ever helped me on a math test. Maybe I can set my test on fire? Jeremy would be proud, mayhaps ^^;. *twirls away to bed*
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