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miaow nyaaao

I have been feeling rather grawr'y and harrassed because of classes lately (why do teachers feel the need to cram two weeks worth of class into one week? now I almost regret the school missed because of the ice storm ^^; )... but yes. I feel more at peace with the world now, if only until this alcohol stops making me feel all lightheaded'ish and happy ^_^. I'll go back to being growly once it's out of my system, I suppose ^^;. For right now, I'll enjoy the ability to not concentrate on schoolwork XD;.

I swear I had a reason for alcohol! I always feel a teensy bit guilty when drinking, because I come from such a conservative home (can we say southern baptist?), but it was Noa's birthday today, so we got some food and drink. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOA, WHO IS SITTING BEHIND ME, WATCHING TV! I wasn't going to get a drink, but Rebecca got me one, because she was adverse to the fact that I haven't had any since my birthday in September ^^;.

Anyway, I think I'm losing my gift of the general english language, so I'll go... stare at something. Preferably something sparkly, but something that spins would also work. Or maybe I'll just watch TV with Noa XD;. Oyasumi! *floats away happily*

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