M (snowym) wrote,

Death Note = <3. Math =/= <3.

I watched the live action Death Note movie for the first time, since I saw it in theatres in Japan. But with subtitles this time, hurray for fansubbing ^o^! There were a few things I missed and generally didn't understand without the subtitles at the theatre, but I get it now. And I still love the hell out of that movie. SO GOOD. Sexy/Psychotic Light (although I pretended he wore pleather pants, and made the squeaky sound effects, which got old for Noa who was watching it with me after awhile XD; ), pretty L, and OMG Sota as Matsuda! Did anyone other than me notice that they made Light even more evil than in the manga XDD;? That was horrible, but it's still one of my favorite movies XD;.

Math is once again becoming like a game to me this semester-- not because it's easy, because it's STUPIDLY HARD! but because I'm vaguely empowered by the attempt to pick up as many points as possible. I kicked those quizzes to the curb, although it took me forever to learn how to use the calculator to do them. You like... punch in 2nd + STAT, and then type in the x and y things, and hit graph, and then hit CALC, and then type in the LinR thing which looks like (xSTAT, ySTAT, y1), and then it spits out a LinReg equation thingy, and then you hit graph again, and go to the y=? screen, and it tells you the equationsomethingsomething. OMG, WHY DID I DO ALL THAT, AGAIN? I hate graphing calculators... although they're fun for plotting points and drawing pictures on the graph XD;. *gets bored sometimes, and graphs pictures of kitties during class* I could've screamed though, because my teacher managed to insert his snide comment about his stupid TI-89 calculator into the online notes he made for the TI-86 calculator. At some random step, it was all "too bad you didn't get the silver TI-89, like I'd told you." *STAB!* It's getting reaaaally annoying now, teach ^^;. Maybe I'll write him a tasteful e-mail of what I think of his calculator... after the semester. And scratch the tasteful part. *nodnod*

Yaaaay for rambly'ness, which is just about all I'm capable of after too much math homework, and seeing pretty Death Note actors. *THE END!*

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