M (snowym) wrote,

kaze o hiku

My body hates me, apparently. I was FINE last night, but then I woke up suddenly at 5am this morning (or as I so dearly love calling it, stupid o'clock), and of course I had miraculously developed a cold, and so lots of sneezing and coughing and general icky'ness pursued. I skipped classes though, and have kept myself in a nice drug'y haze all day ^o^. I think I might have watched Howl's Moving Castle twice, although I can't quite remember XD;.

Now I'm going to put on pajamas and take a few more drugs, because this haze is feeling kinda nice, so I'm going to keep it up ^^;.

And how come a lot of my LJ posts have ended with me staggering off to bed lately ^^;? *staggers off to bed, Tylenol PM in hand*

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